Quintron has the technological proficiency capable of designing, installing and supporting a variety of dependable and all-inclusive security solutions. With such a diverse range of clients in the commercial, industrial and governmental industries, we are sure your company can benefit from our reliable security solutions.

Quintron understands that electronic security requirements are as diverse as the number of entities that require them. Our relationships are built with the attention and time we give to ensure a full understanding of our client’s needs and concerns prior to commencing a design. Our goal is to provide a deterrence and protection solution that results in a practiced system that suits an unchallenging configuration or one that satisfies the most complicated integrated solution needs of our clients. Customization is a vital part of our design/build process.

Deterrence, monitoring and witnessing are key components to a reliable surveillance systems. Encouraging a would-be intruder to move on to a more unchallenging target can be your company’s simplest line of theft and vandalism prevention. Monitoring your assets and ensuring personal safety are two fundamental reasons video surveillance is an essential part of any security solution. Witnessing a perpetrator in the act, capturing crucial information to help identify the suspect can ultimately assist in capturing your criminal. Actions, vehicles and images can be captured by our wide assortment of cameras and recorded using state-of-the-art digital technology. Quintron has access to a full range of high resolution cameras, monitors, DVR’s, NVR’s and hybrid recording devices for indoor and outdoor applications available to assist in providing documented evidence when you need it.

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