Integrated Systems Division

QUINTRON provides integrated communications and security solutions for mission critical applications.

QUINTRON is a manufacturer as well as an integrator for a complete line of proprietary products that create a hardened physical security layer unparalleled in the industry.

QUINTRON has been providing advanced security, command center communications, C-2/mission control and infrastructure solutions supporting government agencies, educa­tional facilities, financial institutions and other high-rise and industrial facilities since 1970. This includes many of our nation’s most vital assets from top secret launch facilities to the Pentagon.

QUINTRON differentiates itself by providing a level of expertise in specific applications that is far beyond the normal “scope of work” provided by any competitor.

QUINTRON can assist with developing and implementing procedures to establish and maintain command authority, command control, operational control and tactical control.

QUINTRON is well established and respected in the business community as a leading provider of communications and security solutions. The bedrock of QUINTRON’s reputation is its ability to exceed competitors with regard to quality, cost, supply and delivery.

QUINTRON stands ready to assist in the successful completion of any project from the simplest to the most complex.

When failure is not an option, QUINTRON is the solution.

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