Ryan Marrs: Vice President, Integrated Systems Division

With nearly 15 years of leadership experience and extensive knowledge of the communications and data industry, low voltage systems integration along with a dedication to success, Mr. Marrs has guided the Integrated Systems Division to consistent success; making it a thriving part of Quintron Systems. Known for being a team player his management mentality is based on the idea that not one of us is as good as all of us. His strong ethics and dedication to our clients are unsurpassed as he strives to meet their needs through continued education, research and complete follow-through. He believes in what he delivers and delivers it well. His efforts do not go unnoticed as our client base continues to flourish under his management.


Giuseppe Luna: Regional Manager, Integrated Systems Division–So. Cal Office

Mr. Luna has been working in the Communications and Data industry for over 25 years. His hard work and determination carries through to his hand-selected team members. His ability to work well with others even under the most demanding of circumstances keeps his division running smoothly and efficiently. He has proven integrity and highly values both business and personal relationships. His management skills have been refined over the years and proven to serve as a direct benefit to our Integrated Systems Division and its diverse SoCal customer base.


John Salgado: Sales and Engineering Manager, Integrated Systems Division

Hired as our Sales and Engineering Manager specializing in growing our Audio Visual proficiency, Mr. Salgado’s skillset, determination, and education made for a perfect addition to our growing division. Mr. Salgado’s strong suit is listening closely to our clients and the other team members to gain a clear understanding of the priority of a project design and then being proactive in suggesting the most cost-effective solutions and supporting any design alternatives that are in the best interest of the client.